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Welcome to Springbok Pharmacy, a reliable pharmacy aimed to provide people with efficient and safe medications for various health-related problems. We are constantly seeking the opportunity to make patients aware of pharmaceutical treatment, and offer you to check our best sellers for your needs.

More than 200 happy clients per DAY

Every day we hit the target of promoting the services to desperate patients who are tired of paying over the nose for brand drugs and those who simply need a fast solution to their health issue. Clients with insurance and prescriptions and without them, with us any person can find an expert consultation to find out the best treatment. If you hesitate about anything, contact us and we will explain how our team deals with your problem. And, only you decide on our relevance.

Wide Assortment of Medications

Generics and brand drugs, health supplements, flu shots, bath and shower products, and safe contraception items. If you do not find the preferred medication on our site, we will do our best to either find it for you or offer an analog. There are no limits for us, and any of your inquiry is another challenge for our pharmacists to address your problem.

Seasonal Promotions

Daily offers for both new and regular clients, and a wide range of discounts for ANY product mentioned with us on our site. Besides, we are constantly monitoring the price policy with manufacturers, so do not be surprised to come across your cold remedy with a 50% off discount. What about the holidays? Extra bonuses for upcoming celebrations such as New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Black Friday.

Fast Delivery

The times when you had to wait for a parcel for one month reside in the past. Our delivery does not take longer than two weeks and in most cases may take only a few days of your waiting. And, a delivery representative will wait for you at your door with a sealed opaque package. Thus, only you know the stuffing and you do not feel shy signing for it. For all the clients of Springbok Pharmacy, we have free shipping.

Trusted manufacturers

Reliable and safe pharmaceutical products can be found only with trusted manufacturers. Thus, we test and monitor the quality of the received items and only after reveal them for sale. Moreover, only manufacturers set the prices, so our impact on the final price can be found with discounts and promotions. There are no exorbitant prices and they match the quality of the product.

Consultations 24/7

Are you puzzled with our assortment and do not know what to order with us? Do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We have only accomplished pharmacists with a related degree and who can recommend you how to choose a product. During the day, early morning or late at night, we overview of all clients’ inquiries, so the answer does not make you wait for long. However, please note, while being professionals and possessing enough knowledge to offer one or another solution for your treatment, we do encourage anyone to consult their health care provider. It helps to avoid negative consequences.

We accept main payment methods

E-checks, credit or debit cards, PayPal and other payment methods are accepted with us. If you want to pay using another option, let us solve this for you. Contact us and mention your preference and we will come up with an idea of the best method. Please note, all the prices are mentioned in dollars.

We have a transparent system of refund

Sometimes, a person may require to get a refund for his ordered medication box. It happens for various reasons, and we do not reject such intentions. If your reason is valid, our team will contact you ASAP and will solve this issue for you. Besides, for your convenience, we have a dedicated page with information concerning reimbursement. Do not compromise on the right option of your treatment, Springbok can help you to get the best solution.

We guarantee confidentiality

Sensitive problems should always remain confidential. We never share your data with other parties except for your health care provider in case of the acquisition of prescription, and only after your approval. Other information discussed with us or credentials submitted on our purchase page is encrypted and secure with the latest instruments. Rest assured knowing you will not face hacking or unauthorized access to your data.