Springbok Pharmacy is committed to providing safe and qualitative pharmacy care along with  various services to our patients. We comply with all provincial and federal laws required to govern the practice of pharmacy. We have a license to operate and are accredited in the respective country by the governmental facilities.

Following the guidelines, we may offer our patients the next services:

  • The assortment of medications for various purposes such as cold and cough, contraceptives, remedies for erectile dysfunction, alopecia, flu shots, allergies, HIV and AIDS medications, vitamins and many more.
  • Consultations from our dedicated experts. Besides, you may talk to one of our pharmacists about the treatment, prescription, and refills.
  • RX transfer if your prescription is in another pharmacy. Provide us with your medical history and a few details concerning your data and contact information, and we will transfer a prescription.
  • Wide range of generics that boast affordable and discounted prices. The best sellers for affecting the erectile dysfunction.
  • Free shipping and delivery straight to your door. You may get a tracking code to check where is your parcel at the moment.
  • A transparent system of refunds. Find out the refund policy and see how to reimburse the money.
  • Family planning for women along with vaccinations for babies and children. Talk to our pharmacist about the discontinuity of taking oral contraception.
  • Various payment methods. We work with major payment partners. If you do not find the preferred one with us, we are ready to discuss other options.
  • Refills even when you are abroad. We help you to buy prescription medications even when you are on business travel in another country.
  • Excellent customer support. All staff is trained to address any matters and provide you with necessary information about one or another remedy or service.

Moreover, the Springbok team works on enlarging the services and regularly organizes webinars related to pharmacy products. Please check the schedule of upcoming events.

If you want to get to know more about our services, feel free to contact us and we will guide you through various processes. For your convenience, we created a FAQs page, where you can check the bothering questions of patients and find out how to order, pay, select items, or edit your personal information when registering with us. Do not linger and do not postpone the treatment of your problem today, because tomorrow you can already enjoy the results.