For clients’ convenience, we created a list of the most common questions. Please before contacting our customer support team, maybe the answer to your bothering question can be mentioned below.

  • Who are we?

Springbok Pharmacy is an online pharmacy established in 2003 in the market that promotes various pharmaceutical services involving the distribution of safe and qualitative medications.

  • Where do we get medications from?

We dispense the products that have been accredited by the country only. We choose manufacturers who have a legit to produce drugs and accordingly, they set the prices.

  • What medications cannot patients buy with us?

We do not sell narcotics and controlled substances.

  • Can you fill your prescription with us?

Yes, we will require your personal information and medical history from your doctor.

  • Can you transfer your prescription to Springbok?

Yes, moreover we can do it for you after receiving the necessary information from you.

  • How old should I be to use your services?

Only people of full legal age can use it.

  • How to order and purchase a selected medication?

We created a designated page where first off, all your input data is encrypted and protected from hacking. There, you have to fill in a few details mentioning billing and delivery addresses. After that, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you select payment methods such as credit/debit card, submit the order, and you get the confirmation code to your mobile phone.

  • How much is shipping?

For our customers, it is free of charge service.

  • Who should sing for my parcel?

Only you or another person who resides at the same address after receiving your permission. If a person with granted permission needs to sign it, make sure he is of full legal age.

  • What If I am not at home when my parcel comes. What to do?

It will be sent to the nearest post office from where you have to pick it up.

  • If my parcel is damaged?

You should contact us immediately, and we will reimburse the costs or send you another one.

  • How my parcel will look like?

It is a sealed opaque box. No one except you will know the stuffing.

  • I did not receive my parcel. What to do?

Please call us and we will send you another one or reimburse the money.

  • Can I have overnight delivery?

Yes. Please note additional fees may apply.

  • Can I talk to your pharmacist?

Yes, we provide this service for any client. However, please contact us to book this service.

  • Do your medications have side effects?

Like any other medications, they may provoke the occurrence of side effects. To avoid such negative consequences, strictly follow the instructions, do not choose the dosage on your own, and consult your healthcare provider.

  • Can I buy Viagra with your pharmacy?

Yes. Besides, we offer other formulas such as Viagra Super Active and Professional.

  • Where can I leave my complaint or feedback?

We proceed with such inquiries through our customer support feedback form. After you fill it out, we will call you to solve the issue.

  • Can I buy a prescription drug without a prescription?

No. It is illegal.