Springbok Pharmacy was first established in 2003 and from that time onwards we promote the qualitative pharmaceutical care to all the segments of the population. Our team is a golden mean of expert pharmacists and quality and safety administrators. Besides, we have specialized employees who cope regularly with the IT aspect of our site to make it more friendly for the users. Along with them, we also have a dedicated team of operators who daily proceed with your requirements and divide them as per matter and pharmacist.

Our main specialization is a distribution of health supplements and medications that are previously tested for quality and safety. Every single item posted with us passed a strict acknowledgment of instructions, dosages, and the occurrence of side effects from the manufacturers. So, any description is regularly checked and updated if there are any changes. Check who is behind the curtain of Springbok Pharmacy.

Jason Bok, CEO

Being our CEO and the main thought leader, he traveled the world working for volunteering organizations that provide people with low paying capacities with affordable medications. Since 2003 he along with his partner decided to establish an online pharmacy that could meet the demands of any patient. He is responsible for hiring staff and overviews of the latest trends in the pharmaceutical market to offer the best products.

Mary Hooks, Main Pharmacist

Mary graduated from a Canadian university and obtained a pharmaceutical engineering degree. She is the one who supervises the received products and authorizes them for sale. When surfing our services or checking the assortment of goods, all the descriptions are approved and verified by her and manufacturers. Besides, you do not need to worry to receive a bad quality drug or poor consultation for your sensitive problem as far as all distributions proceed with her and she trains the team on how to make people aware of products professionally.

Mark Denver, Quality and Safety Manager

When it comes to precise quality check, Mark does it using prompt attention to any detail. Starting from the selection of suppliers and manufacturers, ending with testing the remedies. He used to work for a pharmaceutical corporation in Japan and knows what technologies should be involved in the creation of safe medications. From 2003, he is responsible for overviewing the terms and policies related to quality checks, and he knows how to find a difference between poor and good quality drugs just by glancing at them.

Sumit Patal, Customer Support Manager

Thanks to Sumit and his 20 years of experience in customer relationship management, he knows how to address the inquiries at lightning speed and fix the bugs related to using one or another service online. He is responsible for solving the issues when you surf our site and works on promoting fast consultations with our pharmacists.

Besides, we are open to any applicants who want to work with us. We may share with them the knowledge and offer a decent package that involves insurance and good-paying. If you would like to contact us to get to know more about our services, please feel free to use our contacts section.